The NABU Anti-Corruption School 2021 was launched today with the EUACI support

The NABU Anti-Corruption School 2021 was launched today with the EUACI support

The idea of the NABU Anti-Corruption School 2021, which is implemented with the support of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI), is to increase the interest of young people in the fight against corruption in Ukraine.

50 best candidates out of over 500 applicants were selected to participate online. During the last week of July the students will be learning from the unique experience of representatives of anti-corruption institutions, international experts, journalists, lawyers, detectives, and national consultants. The program will enhance the Ukrainian youth’s understanding of how the fight against corruption is implemented at different levels in the country. 

The first speaker of the Anti-Corruption School is Elena Konceviciute, EUACI Senior Anti-Corruption Adviser. For 18 years, Elena worked as an international relations officer in the Special Investigation Service of the Republic of Lithuania and was responsible for coordinating the implementation of all anti-corruption standards as a precondition for Lithuania's accession to the EU and NATO. Elena Konceviciute will tell students about international anti-corruption standards, projects of the EUACI, and why the state should always choose the path of anti-corruption.

Among other speakers, there are also EUACI partners – Media Development Foundation, a center of excellence and a media expertise hub focused on empowering journalists and media organizations. MDF Executive Director Eugene Zaslavsky, investigative journalist Tetyana Kozyreva, and co-founder and editor-in-chief of media “ShoTam?” Serhii Kolesnikov will discuss the line between journalism and activism.

After completing the online training, the 15 most active students will have the opportunity to spend two weeks side by side with detectives at NABU in August.

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