The Integrity City Nikopol launched e-Reception Hall

Despite daily attacks by the Russian army, the Nikopol City Council continues to develop the city.  One of the most important aspects of our cooperation is the introduction of IT tools for communication with the public. With EUACI's support, over the past year, the Nikopol City Council has been working on a new IT tool for communication between the city authorities and citizens.

The Integrity City Nikopol launched e-Reception Hall

On 30 April, a new digital platform – e-Reception Hall – was presented during an online event with the participation of representatives of city administration, civil society, scholars and experts of the EUACI. 

`Experience shows that digital platforms can be a very efficient way to close gaps for corruption and create more transparency. The e-Reception Hall is an area where citizens can make requests for information, have dialogue with the city government, receive information or report corruption. Basically we have transformed the city administration’s reception into a digital one,` highlighted Allan Pagh Kristensen, the Head of the EUACI, in his welcoming speech. Now citizens have the possibility to contact the local authorities from any electronic device and from any location. This is extremely important for residents of cities located in the frontline area, such as Nikopol.

Opportunities of the e-Reception Hall include: 

  • Sending requests for all types of public information;

  • Sending an appeal to the city mayor, city council members and other officials;

  • Reporting corruption.

”Martial law and constant shelling of the city not only create physical danger and threat, but also pose great challenges to us in the field of communication.  Nowadays, it is important to have effective tools to share information and resolve urgent questions to maintain stability. Today, Nikopol is the first and so far the only city in the Dnipro region to have a modern electronic platform for interaction with citizens’, said  Nikopol City Mayor Oleksandr Sayuk.



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