Students of the Investigative Analysts School yield first results

The School of Investigative Analysts from the Anti-Corruption Action Center completed the first stage of its innovative initiative in June. The training was organized as part of the project "Civil Society Oversight of the Anti-Corruption Infrastructure and Further Promotion of Anti-Corruption Reform," which is supported by the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative. The program includes three courses.

Students of the Investigative Analysts School yield first results

The main goal of the training is to create a new generation of expert investigators focused on monitoring the transparent and efficient use of funds during Ukraine's reconstruction. To achieve this, an editor of the "Nashі Groshі" media and an experienced investigative journalist, Yurii Nikolov, shared his extensive professional background and served as a mentor to the students. 

The coaching team also consisted of invited experts, including analytic Maryna Ansiforova from the consulting agency COSA, corporate expert Antonina Volkotrub from the Anti-Corruption Action Center, and journalist Anna Soroka from "Nashі Groshі".

The graduates of the School of Investigative Analysts emphasize the promising results. As a result, student Inna Potekhina conducted an investigation into the misappropriation of funds for the perimeter lighting of the Khmelnytsky Nuclear Power Plant. The research revealed that the total amount of overpayments is at least 25 million hryvnias.

Students of the Investigative Analysts School yield first results

Previously, Inna Potekhina worked as a customer relations manager in an agricultural company in Vinnytsia. She uncovered this misconduct in the fourth week of her training at the School. Such success stories are incredibly motivating and serve as a strong call to society, urging us to prioritize transparency, accountability, and ethical governance.

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