Strengthening the transparency and accountability of Chernivtsi

Integrity, transparency, and accountability are high on the local government agenda despite the war. Chernivtsi is one of the six Integrity Cities in Ukraine where the EUACI is working on strengthening its capacity to fight corruption and develop communication between the municipality and its citizens.

The meeting between the Head of the EUACI Allan Pagh Kristensen and the City Mayor Roman Klitchuk took place on 7 October 2022. The participants discussed ongoing and planned joint projects, including projects aimed at providing Chernivtsi with tools to enhance transparency and develop communication between the municipality and its citizens. The Mayor emphasized the need for further implementation of digital tools to fight corruption.

The Chernivtsi Mayor Roman Klichuk meets with the Head of the EUACI Allan Pagh Kristensen

"We appreciate the support of our European partners and are grateful to the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative for their help in strengthening the transparency of the City Council and administration. During a time full of challenges, it is important for us that anti-corruption practices are in place to be the benefit of the city and its inhabitants," the Mayor of Chernivtsi said.

Also, during the meeting, Mariupol Mayor's adviser Andriy Yefremov shared his managerial experience and presented the results of an internal audit and control over finances in the Mariupol City Council. The authorities of Chernivtsi actively cooperate with the leadership of Mariupol, and many specialists from the East of Ukraine have moved to the region.

the Integrity Assessment Report Prensentation

In addition, with the participation of the Head of the EUACI and the Deputy Mayor Vasyl Zazulyak, the presentation of the Integrity Assessment Report of the ME Chernivtsivodokanal took place. The assessment of 7 areas and 56 indicators was conducted by Deloitte with the support of the EUACI and included both the general management of the enterprise, internal audit and control, and the services provided to the city. This is the first time the EUACI is carrying out an integrity assessment of a municipal owned enterprise.

"The integrity analysis of the enterprise and the action plan to be developed will have the potential to substantially improve the work of the water-supply enterprise. It will demand follow up actions by the enterprise and the city council and we will be there to support," Allan Pagh Kristensen noted.

the Integrity Assessment Report Prensentation

According to the Deputy Mayor, the report is planned to be discussed with the city management to coordinate further actions per Deloitte's recommendations.

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The Integrity Cities project is implemented by the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative to help increase the transparency, integrity and accountability of local authorities by optimizing internal procedures and processes, involving the community in decision-making, and facilitating access to information.


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