Seven years of fruitful and productive work of the NABU under Artem Sytnyk's leadership

These were extremely worthy and productive seven years of National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine under Artem Sytnyk's leadership.

The establishment of NABU marked the flourishing of all anti-corruption infrastructure after the Revolution of Dignity. By its example, the Bureau has shown that the institution's independence, accountability and integrity will inevitably lead to a high level of effectiveness in combating corruption.

We have supported and worked closely with NABU since the launch of the EUACI in Ukraine in 2015. During these years, we have managed to train hundreds of Bureau staff and organise dozens of joint events. Together, we launched the modern eCase electronic system, which marked the beginning of the digitalisation of criminal proceedings in Ukraine. We have implemented unprecedented communication and educational campaigns, such as the Corruption Park and DumkoFest.

Many indicators confirm such results. Among them are the number of cases sent to court, the economic impact of the Bureau's activities (over UAH 7 billion) and the recognition of NABU as the most effective anti-corruption body among citizens in 2018.

This efficiency was achieved thanks to NABU professionals, who are committed to fighting corruption and ensuring justice. We work with them every day, and every day we are impressed by their high motivation and courage.

Now the NABU faces new challenges. Independent and transparent selection of the Head of the Bureau is crucial. At stake is the independence of the institution. EUACI is ready to share this test with you and ensure the sustainable development of the NABU during the change of leadership.

Today, Ukrainians are more united than ever in their belief in Ukraine's victory over Russia's horrific and inhuman aggression. And this victory must be achieved on all fronts, including the fight against corruption. After all, every step towards integrity, the rule of law and democratic values makes us stronger in the face of the enemy. And the further development of the NABU, as an independent and powerful institution, plays a vital role in this battle.

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