Selection of the SAPO leadership: two out of six competition stages completed

Selection of the SAPO leadership: two out of six competition stages completed

The EU Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI) provides comprehensive support to the selection process of the Head and Deputy Head of the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office (SAPO). An independent, transparent, and merit-based selection process is pivotal in ensuring the credibility of the process as well as its outcome. Experience gained by the EUACI during the selection processes of the judges of the High Anti-Corruption Court (HACC) and the new Head of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP) is of great benefit in ensuring the effectiveness of provided assistance.

Particular focus has been placed on developing a comprehensive regulatory framework for the selection process, including clear and well-structured criteria and methodology for the assessment of candidates, ensuring the possibility of objective assessment of professional and leadership skills as well as the integrity of candidates. 

On 17-18 March 2021, the first two stages of the competition took place in Kyiv. 98 candidates passed the first stage of the legal testing and 43 candidates completed the second stage of general skills testing. The remaining candidates will have to go through the following four stages of the competition, including integrity interviews. Successful candidates for the Head, Deputy Head and Head of the Unit of SAPO positions will be determined based on the final scores received during the six stages of the selection process.


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