Integrity in Water Supply: ChernivtsiVodokanal and NikopolVodokanal

The common goal of increasing integrity, transparency and accountability in the cities brought together MPs, representatives of local governments, NGOs and experts at the event "Integrity in Water Supply: "ChernivtsiVodokanal and NikopolVodokanal" on 3 August. The meeting is the first event out of a series of presentations "Integrity and Effective Utilities: Mission (Im)possible".

Allan Pagh Kristensen, the Head of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI), in his welcoming speech, spoke about the results of the Programme’s work in Nikopol and Chernivtsi within the framework of the Integrity Cities’ project.

"In the Integrity Cities, our work is focused on providing integrity tools, including IT tools, to improve accountability and transparency. However, we had no experience in cooperating with municipal owned enterprises in the past. They are so important for the cities and their reputation is not the best. We developed the idea of Integrity Assessments. To study how these enterprises function and hold that up against our values and to look for improvements.In close cooperation with Mayors and business leaders, we will deliver concrete results, not just a performance report, but concrete tools to improve integrity, transparency and accountability," said Allan Pagh Kristensen.

The joint efforts have borne fruit: EUACI, in cooperation with experts from Deloitte, has developed a methodology for assessing the efficiency of municipal enterprises. According to the Head of the Program, Nikopol and Chernivtsі now so far that they are ready to implement these recommendations. The event recording is available here.

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