The EUACI is strengthening its partnership with Zhytomyr

Despite numerous challenges facing Zhytomyr in time of war, the issues of integrity, transparency, and accountability are still high on the mayor`s agenda. This was clearly demonstrated during the visit to Zhytomyr by the Head of the EUACI.

Meeting with City Mayor

  • Implementation of the E-reception Hall concept and new modules of the geoinformation system;
  • Development of Integrity assessments of municipal enterprises;
  • Implementation of international standards of internal audit and control in the executive bodies of the City Council.
Such areas of cooperation between the EUACI and Zhytomyr within the framework of the Integrity Cities project for 2023-2024 were defined by the Head of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative, Allan Pagh Kristensen, and the Mayor Serhiy Sukhomlyn. The meeting took place in Zhytomyr on 13 October 2022.
Meeting with City Mayor
‘Definitely, planning during wartime is a complicated task, but we risk losing our strategic goals without an action plan. Together with Zhytomyr we will prepare new initiatives that can create more transparency and integrity in the city,’ Allan Pagh Kristensen said.
Zhytomyr joined the EUACI Integrity Cities project in 2018 working on strengthening its capacity to fight corruption and develop communication between the municipality and its citizens.

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The Integrity Cities project is implemented by the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative to help increase the transparency, integrity and accountability of local authorities by optimizing internal procedures and processes, involving the community in decision-making, and facilitating access to information.

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