` NABU’s international technical assessment
NABU’s international technical assessment

During October-December 2017, the international experts were assessing the work of the NABU and the SAPO on the effectiveness, efficiency and independence. This analysis was conducted at the request of NABU with the support of international partners – the US Embassy in Ukraine and the EUACI.

The assessment team consisted of:

Carol Taraszka, Audit Officer of the Audit Department of the US Department of Justice;

Eric Johnson, Deputy General Inspector - Head of the Investigation Department of the General Inspectorate of the US Department of Justice;

Flemming Denker, Former Deputy Public Prosecutor, Special Advisor to the State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crimes of Denmark, Expert on Corruption of Council of Europe;

Dmytro Kotlyar, Anti-Corruption Expert, Ukraine.

Independent experts carried out deep research on the work of the NABU, including visits to the regions, a survey of NABU staff, representatives of the SAPO and other stakeholders, the study of statistical data, familiarization with examples of real cases investigated by NABU and SAP.

After analyzing both internal and external factors that influence the quality of NABU’s work, the experts made a conclusion that in less than three years it was possible to turn the organization that only existed on paper into a successfully developing law enforcement agency. And pressure on NABU’s work did not result in serious procedural errors, human rights violations or widespread abuses.

In addition, independent experts put together a list of recommendations for improving internal and external processes, which will help strengthen NABU and improve its effectiveness.

In general, the group noted that since 2015 NABU has reached the required level of efficiency.

The full text of the report is available here.

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