EUACI develops a methodology for enhancing the integrity of Municipal Enterprises

The EU Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI), with the participation of NACP experts, has developed a methodology for enhancing the integrity of municipal enterprises in the healthcare sector.

The issue of integrity in municipal property management is one of the areas that requires a broad approach to change practices and legislative regulation.

The methodology is a comprehensive tool focused on mitigating corruption risks. It includes a clear list of key indicators for assessing the integrity of municipal enterprises in eight critical areas that need evaluation.

In particular: 

  • General management;

  • Services;

  • Communications;

  • Corporate governance;

  • Ethical aspects;

  • Asset management;

  • Procurement;

  • Finance.

At the initiative of the City mayors of Zhytomyr and Chervonohrad, the integrity of medical municipal enterprises in their respective cities is currently being assessed. Following the assessment results, plans to minimize risks will be formulated and implemented.

The developed methodology can be useful for territorial communities, local council members, heads of municipal enterprises, authorized persons for the prevention and detection of corruption and other professionals working to improve the efficiency of state-owned and municipal enterprises.

The developed Methodology is available at the link (in Ukrainian)


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