Innovative ideas for more transparency and integrity: results of the visit to Chervonograd

The city has not suffered from the massive destruction of infrastructure; however, the region is among the leaders in sheltering IDPs. In Chervonograd, thousands of refugees are living in schools and kindergartens.

These are the guidelines of the cooperation between the EUACI and Chervonograd within the framework of the Integrity Cites project. They were determined during the meeting of the Head of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative Allan Pagh Kristensen with the Mayor Andrii Zalivskyi on 14 October 2022 in Chervonograd, Lviv region.

Meeting with City Mayor

The cooperation plan for 2023-24 includes:

  • the implementation of the E-reception Hall;
  • the development of 2 additional modules of a geo-information system;
  • the update of the Municipal Integrity Plan and integrity assessments of 2 communal enterprises;
  • ensuring integrity and transparency of a new business support mechanism;
  • improve transparency and integrity in distribution of land.

Also, during the visit to Chervonograd the Head of the EUACI participated in the opening of a co-working facility for refugees and the youth. The reconstruction of the urban library into a modern space for local residents and city guests was supported by the EUACI.

Co-working opening


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The Integrity Cities project is implemented by the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative to help increase the transparency, integrity and accountability of local authorities by optimizing internal procedures and processes, involving the community in decision-making, and facilitating access to information.


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