` Candidates to the High Anti-Corruption Court on the website of the PCIE
Candidates to the High Anti-Corruption Court on the website of the PCIE

The Public Council of International Experts (PCIE), a body that assists the High Qualification Commission of Judges of Ukraine in the assessment of integrity and professionalism of candidates for the positions of judges to the High Anti-Corruption Court (HACC).

The website contains all necessary information about the PCIE, the latest news about the activities of foreign experts, as well as a complete list of candidates to the HACC and their dossiers. In addition, the website features a function through which can provide additional information about the judicial candidates to the PCIE that might assist international experts during their work.

In case the PCIE members have doubts about candidate’s integrity or consider that his/her professional knowledge and practical skills are not sufficient for a judge of the High Anti-Corruption Court, a so-called special joint meeting together with the HQCJ will be initiated. During such a meeting, the PCIE members and the HQCJU will take a decision on compliance of the candidate with the criteria of integrity and professional knowledge and skills. If such a decision is not taken, the candidate is considered to cease participation in the judicial competition.

The PCIE consists of Mr. Aurelijus Gutauskas (Lithuania), Mr. Flemming Denker (Denmark), Mr. Ted Zarzeczny (Canada), Ms. Marjana Lazarova Trajkovska (Macedonia), Ms. Lorna Harris (Great Britain), Sir Anthony Hooper (Great Britain).

The EU Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI), together with other international  partners provides technical and advisory support in order to ensure the openness and transparency of the process of establishment of the High Anti-Corruption Court.

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