How drones improve the work of the Chernivtsi City Council

Last spring, the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative handed over two drones to the Chernivtsi City Council. The goal was to make the work of the Council's departments more qualitative, progressive and accountable. And here are the first results.

One of the drones is currently being used by the City Council's Department of Urbanism and Architecture to take photos of land plots that are up for auction.

"In this way, the potential customer can familiarize himself with the site without looking for additional information in the offices of officials or various monopoly organizations," explained the director of the department, Andriy Tymofiichuk.

View from the drone

You can see what it looks like during the auction by following the link:

The department also films the territory during architectural competitions. For example, with the help of a drone, the center of the Graviton district was photographed, where the project of public space organization was held.

Another drone helps in the work of the municipal water-supplying enterprise Chernivtsivodokanal. It is raised during the inspection of treatment facilities and in case of emergencies. Access to networks is often difficult due to swampy terrain or thickets. In such cases, workers use a drone, which facilitates the search for leaks in main water supply networks and helps to visualize them.

EUACI continues the cooperation with the Chernivtsi City Council within the Integrity Cities project. 
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