Good Governance Study Tour to Copenhagen

On 18-21 September, Ukrainian mayors and deputy mayors of Integrity Cities (Chernivtsi, Chervonohrad, Zhytomyr, Mykolayiv, Nikopol and Mariupol), along with anti-corruption advisors and a representative of the Ministry for Restoration of Ukraine, visited Copenhagen on a study visit. The trip was organized by the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI) and the municipality of Copenhagen was the key host of the visit.

Good Governance Study Tour to Copenhagen

During the study visit, the participants were introduced to Danish administrative practices with a focus on the topics of integrity and accountability in governance, procurement, digitalization, good governance, and urban planning. 

Throughout the meetings, seminars and site visits, the delegation gained  valuable insights into Danish practices, exchanged knowledge and established contacts with their Danish colleagues. 

The key activities included:

  • Familiarization with ways to engage Copenhagen citizens in the city's development.

  • Meetings with representatives of the Technical and Environmental Administration, the finance and budget department, procurement department, urban planning department and others.

  • Visit to Amager Bakke incinerator and Nordhavn as an example of creative urban planning.

  • Visit to a school in the city of Ballerup and a presentation of how schools are organized in Denmark and meeting with Ukrainian pupils.

  • Meetings at the Danish Foreign Ministry, Danish Industries and the Association of Municipalities

    Good Governance Study Tour to Copenhagen

Furthermore, the delegation had discussions with Jens Kristian Lütken, the Mayor of Copenhagen for Integration and Employment and with Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen.

Good Governance Study Tour to Copenhagen

In addition, on 21 September, the Ukrainian House in Denmark hosted a public discussion "Governing the City in Wartime: Insights from Mayors' Perspectives". This event brought together civil society representatives and Ukrainians living in Denmark to talk to mayors of Ukrainian cities near the frontline. 

Good Governance Study Tour to Copenhagen

The discussion was focused on exploring the complex challenges, strategies and experiences related to city governance during the war, with a special emphasis on fighting corruption and promoting integrity.

EUACI is pleased to contribute to the comprehensive development of Ukrainian cities and to promote integrity, transparency, and accountability within local authorities.


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