Financial Monitoring Forum 2023
On 7-8 December, the EUACI, in partnership with the Council of Europe and OSCE Support Program for Ukraine, co-organized a financial monitoring Forum 2023 in Ternopil.

International and national experts, who represent key institutions in the AML/CFT/CPF area, as well as the representatives of the reporting entities attended the event.

Allan Pagh Kristensen, the Head of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative, highlighted the progress made by the Ukrainian authorities in the AML/CFT area.

"The discussions are critical for enhancing Ukraine's resilience against financial crimes and reinforcing its commitment to international standards. Together, we can contribute to a more robust and effective AML/CFT framework in Ukraine," added the Head of the EUACI.

The agenda covered Ukraine's path to EU membership and the implementation of AML/CFT standards, financial investigations, and modern tools for financial monitoring.

Additionally, forum participants discussed general trends, problems, and prospects for the development of the prevention and counteraction system from the perspective of financial investigations into ML/TF/PF and sanctions evasion, taking into account the experience of law enforcement agencies and the FIU.

EUACI continues to support partners in transparently and accountably coordinating the financial monitoring system at the central and regional levels.
Financial Monitoring Forum 2023
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