EUACI will support projects of 5 civil society organisations as a result of the National call for proposals

On November 16, 2022, the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative announced National Call for CSO Proposals. It was aimed to support strategic and innovative project initiatives of Ukrainian civil society in the field of recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine, anti-corruption reforms, assets seizure and assets management, as well as oversight of the activities of anti-corruption institutions. 

In total 32 project applications from NGOs were received. Based on the results of an evaluation by the independent committee, 5 projects were selected. The winners of the competition will receive grant assistance from EUACI for the implementation of their projects during 2023-2024. 

The Anti-Corruption Action Centre will implement the project aimed at civil society oversight over anti-corruption infrastructure and further advancing of anti-corruption reform, as well as capacity building for experts on local recovery monitoring.

The Lviv Regulatory Hub will strive to ensure effective regulatory policy at the local level as a key to the economic recovery of Ukraine. 

The Foundation for Institutional Development will be responsible for the project on the transparent recovery of communities through corruption risk assessment. 

The Together against corruption (in partnership with Anti-Corruption Headquarters) will monitor the completeness and efficiency Anti-Corruption Strategy for 2021-2025 and relevant parts of the State Anti-Corruption Program implementation. 

The Agency for Effective Solutions will work on the project aimed at the enhancement of CSO engagement in the recovery and development process on the regional level through recovery plans development

We congratulate the winners and are confident that their activities will contribute to transparent and effective recovery, as well as the advancing anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine.

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