EUACI Continues Cooperation with Chernivtsi, the First “Integrity City”

On 3 February, the Head of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI), Allan Pagh Kristensen, and the Chernivtsi City Mayor, Roman Klichuk, signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The signing of the Memorandum between the EUACI and Chernivtsi city establishes the foundation for further close cooperation. Chernivtsi became the first Integrity City in 2017. Now, it is the first city to extend the cooperation into Phase III of the EUACI.

The agreement emphasizes the importance of joint activities in the context of anti-corruption and aims at elevating governance standards.

Allan Pagh Kristensen, the Head of the EUACI highlighted, ‘The EUACI continues cooperation with Chernivtsi to enhance transparency and efficiency of governance. Looking forward, we plan to strengthen the City Council's internal audit and control and to improve procurement in the department of infrastructure.”

Significant progress has been achieved since 2017. Six modules of the City Council’s Geoportal have been implemented providing citizens with access to the information about the city life and the work of the authorities. The E-reception hall was launched and the integrity assessment of the communal enterprise Chernivtsivodokanal was completed. The implementation of the Municipal Integrity Plan is ongoing, improving procedures and closing gaps for corruption.


EUACI Continues Cooperation with Chernivtsi, the First “Integrity City”

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