EUACI Conducted Training Seminar on Communication for HACC Judges

On 15 August 2019, judges of the High Anti-Corruption Court attended a training session “How to Effectively Communicate with the Media”.

The main part of the training consisted of 2 blocks: "The Basics of Cooperating with the Media" and "How to Prepare for Media Encounters". Training started with short test interviews with 5 HACC judges which were recorded and later analyzed at the beginning of the training. The speakers thoroughly reviewed the answers gave their recommendations and told about practical techniques which could be applied.

During the first part of the training, the judges were told about the work of journalists, their goals, as well as the main principles of conveying information.

The second block was dedicated to discussion of the rules of proper preparation for media encounters, depending on the type of interview.

EUACI conducts capacity development measures for anti-corruption agencies on a regular basis since the beginning of its work in 2017, providing them with technical and expert support on strategic communications.

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