EUACI and Chervonohrad Continue Collaboration

On 17 April 2024, Allan Pagh Kristensen, the Head of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative, and Chervonohrad City Mayor Andriy Zalivskyy signed a Memorandum of understanding (MoU). The document confirms the readiness of the city and the Program to work together to prevent corruption and create an integrity society.

EUACI and Chervonohrad Continue Collaboration

Further cooperation focuses on implementing the Municipal Integrity Plan, ensuring the sustainable functioning of implemented IT tools, and enhancing the efficiency of municipal enterprises. Additionally, improving procurement processes was identified as one of the priorities in the cooperation.

EUACI and Chervonohrad Continue Collaboration

"We are pleased to observe the city's progress in implementing integrity, transparent, and accountability in governance practices. Today, we have a clear action plan for the next eighteen months. Together with the city, we will continue to improve the work of municipal enterprises and implement IT tools," emphasized Allan Pagh Kristensen, the EUACI Head.

Over the five years of cooperation, the Chervonohrad City Council in partnership with EUACI, has implemented eight modules of a geographic information system, conducted integrity assessments of two municipal enterprises, and launched the city's e-reception.

According to TI Ukraine's Transparency of City Councils 2023 study, Chervonohrad has moved from "non-transparent" city  to "partially transparent."

"We are grateful to the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative for its support and cooperation. During our joint work on implementing best practices of integrity governance, we can see Chervonohrad among the rankings of Ukraine's most transparent cities. This year's study has shown that we are moving in the right direction. After analyzing the results, we will identify our weaknesses and work on strengthening them. And the main goal for the next year is to achieve even higher scores in the rate," mentioned Chervonohrad City Mayor Andriy Zalivskyy.

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