JustConf2023: Feeling the justice

Criminal justice during the war - challenges and opportunities - were the main topic for discussion at JustConf2023. The biggest TedX type conference in Ukraine about criminal justice took place in Kyiv on 30 November.

The chosen date marked the 645th day of russia's full-scale invasion against Ukraine. During this time, the country’s criminal justice system faced new challenges like: investigating international crimes, restoration of justice in the de-occupied territories, etc.

In his address to the participants, Allan Pagh Kristensen, the head of the EUACI said, ‘Despite the war, despite the lack of budget and staff being in the army, we see that the anti-corruption institutions are delivering more cases than ever before; more high-level officials end up behind bars. We see a change of mentality, we see that Ukrainians are less tolerant to corruption, they are eager to see Ukraine move towards Europe and European values ".

JustConf2023: Feeling the justice

During the event, 11 speakers presented their ideas and shared their vision and ways to develop criminal justice in Ukraine. The speakers were selected as a result of an open competition, representatives of the anti-corruption agencies were among them.

The Deputy Head of NABU Denys Gulmagomedov presented the EUACI funded eCase Management System as a unique way to digitalize criminal justice. He mentioned the points of transformation, economic benefits of digitalization, obtaining new management information through the use of electronic systems, and the possibility of assessing the effectiveness of investigators and prosecutors.

The President of the High Anti-Corruption Court Vira Myhailenko gave a speech about the ethical standards in criminal proceedings, as criminal proceedings have always been a special area characterized by extreme conflict between the parties.

JustConf2023: Feeling the justice

The conference is co-funded by the European Anti-Corruption Initiative


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