Transparent and Accountable Recovery: Experience 2023, Expectations 2024

On September 8, the conference "Transparent and Accountable Recovery: Experience 2023, Expectations 2024" took place in Kyiv,  and formed the basis for a discussion on improving the planning of Ukraine's reconstruction.

The event was a joint initiative of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative in Ukraine (EUACI) and the Ministry for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine.

It brought together representatives of civil society organizations, the RISE Ukraine Coalition, members of parliament, and international organizations actively involved in Ukraine’s recovery.

In his speech, Stefan Schleuning, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation to Ukraine, underlined that “Ukraine has become a candidate country for EU membership while fighting back a ruthless aggressor. This is a challenge we recognise and greatly respect: reconstruction and reforms need to go hand in hand. Therefore, the European Commission has proposed a dedicated Ukraine Facility of up to 50 billion euro to help the country rebuild while moving forward on its accession path. 


Transparent and Accountable Recovery:  Experience 2023, Expectations 2024

Implementing these funds transparently and sustainably, reducing corruption risks as far as possible, will be key. A robust anti-corruption architecture - at all levels, including an effective independent audit - remains essential for Ukraine’s European future, and we are there to support it". 

The EU stands ready to support, including through the EUACI.

The conference became a place where important initiatives and strategies for transparent and accountable reconstruction of the country were discussed, as it requires a wide range of practical tools, regulatory changes and implementation of the best international practices. 



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