DumkoFest 2019. Speak up and act confidently. Event recap

On 14 September, the main discussion platform of the autumn, DumkoFest democratic festival, has once again brought together anti-corruption experts, civic activists, statesmen, journalists and hundreds of concerned citizens to participate in an open dialogue on the anti-corruption activities and many other important issues for modern Ukrainian society.

Anti-corruption technologies, breaking free from filter bubbles, the need for fact-checking, the importance of higher education, implementation of the local budgets’ distribution projects, and on top of that – quizzes, games, quests, theatrical performances, and a stand-up... Two stages were barely enough to fit the entire program of the festival into a single day.

We want to thank everyone who have joined the dialogue in the park!

ДумкоFest 2019. Говори та дій сміливіше. Підсумки події

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