Senior Legal and Good Governance Expert – Head of the Integrity Support Group to provide expertise to the Ministry of Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine

 Supporting anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine is a high political priority for the European Union and Denmark. By combating corruption, the EU contributes to the consolidation of democracy and economic growth of Ukraine, as well as the successful approximation of Ukraine with the EU.

The transparency, integrity and accountability of recovery is one of the key topics of the EUACI. The Government of Ukraine, the Ministry of Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine (hereinafter –the Ministry) and the State Agency for Recovery and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine (hereinafter –the State Agency) are the key counterpart of the EUACI in this area.

In March 2024, EUACI signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry for the next three years. The Memorandum confirms the intentions of both parties to continue joint efforts in the fight against corruption and implement the best practices of integrity reconstruction.

To implement the Memorandum and to support Ukrainian government’s efforts to effectively manage the process of the reconstruction and to ensure that transparency and integrity considerations are taken into account, the EUACI established a compact Integrity Support Group (ISG) consisting of several experts fully embedded into the Ministry work. The ISG works directly with the Deputy Minister responsible for regional policy and provides anti-corruption and good governance expertise and advice in sectors relevant for the Ministry’s mandate.

The ISG consists of 3 long-term high-level consultants and several short-term sectoral experts that are recruited on the ad-hoc basis.

The purpose of EUACI’s support is capacity building of and other support to the Ministry in the implementation of the best practices of accountability, transparency, integrity and good governance regarding the process of recovery and reconstruction. This purpose is achieved through the continued support to the Ministry in providing assessment of corruption and management risks in the draft regulation in the sphere of recovery, develop specific proposals to mitigate risks

The main objective of the assignment is to support the Ministry’s legislative and policy development efforts in the sphere of recovery by providing relevant anti-corruption and legal expertise and advice.

The Senior –  Legal Expert Head of the Integrity Support Group (hereinafter - the Consultant) is expected to organize and manage the work of the ISG.

Scope of Work of the Consultant will constitute:

 1. Managerial tasks:

  • liaise and coordinate with the Ministry and the State Agency leadership, represent EUACI in the working level communication with the Ministry and State Agency, government and non-government partners,
  • in consultations with the Ministry and EUACI develop monthly workplans of the ISG, regularly report on their implementation, and review workplans based on current needs of the Ministry,
  • facilitate the implementation of the workplan activities as agreed upon with the EUACI and the Ministry,
  • manage work of the other members of the ISG, prepare necessary documents to identify and recruit short-term experts and/or other contractors as needed,
  • ensure effective cooperation between the EUACI contractors involved in the specific project implementation, Ministry and State Agency,
  • provide quality assurances of documents and proposals from other members of the ISG and short-term consultants,
  • provide capacity building.

 2. Analytical tasks:

  • provide assessment of corruption and management risks in the draft regulation in the sphere of recovery, develop specific proposals to mitigate risks, including with respect to the State Regional Development Fund;
  • prepare proposals and advice on the overall architecture of the reconstruction and fast recovery process on national and local levels, including draft law on foundations of recovery;
  • prepare proposals and advice on the recovery and regional policy in the context of the EU accession;
  • provide advice and operational support to the Deputy Ministers and management of the State Agency in the implementation of mechanisms for ensuring integrity, transparency and accountability in the reconstruction process.

The expert is expected to work from the premises of the Ministry and EUACI office in Kyiv (Ukraine).

The intended start of the contract is June 2024 and run until the end of December 2025 (19 months).

The maximum budget available for this assignment is 714,000 DKK (approx. 95,700 EUR). This amount includes subsistence allowance for 14 days of business trips as well as costs related to local travels, and other project related costs such as for example audit and printing.

Interested Consultants can request to get the instructions prepared for applicants by e-mail to the contact person: Dmytro Iakymchuk (

Requests to participate must be submitted in English.

The deadline of submission of the requests to participate is 23 May 2024 at 18:00 (Kyiv time).