for the service provider to conduct leadership training activities for the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutors Office (SAPO)

 General background

"EU Anti-Corruption Initiative in Ukraine" (EUACI) Phase II is the biggest European Union support program in the area of anti-corruption in Ukraine, co-funded and implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Denmark on behalf of the EU.

The overall objective of the EUACI Phase II is the reduction of corruption in Ukraine at the national and local levels through the empowerment of citizens, civil society, businesses, and state institutions. Among the program's key beneficiaries is the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutors Office (SAPO, whose primary mandate is to prosecute top-level corruption, investigated by NABU). Since Phase I, the EUACI has been providing SAPO with capacity-building support, including the development of institutional capacity, staff training, communication support, etc.

SAPO has identified the need to improve the leadership skills of its top and middle-management. According to preliminary observations, there is a lack of common vision between the leadership of different SAPO departments. Therefore, EUACI decided to provide assistance to conduct an analysis of the leadership issues in the SAPO middle-management and conduct training activities to overcome them.

Objectives and results

This activity aims to procure services of the training service provider in order to organize a series of leadership training activities for SAPO, namely for the top and middle management.

Scope of work:

-      Conduct pre-training interviews with SAPO leadership to identify existing challenges in the work of SAPO top and middle management and define the content of the leadership training;

-      Provide a concept note for the training sessions to be agreed with SAPO;

-      Consult with the EUACI as to the overall approach;

-      Together with SAPO, to develop an agenda for each training;

-      Identify and provide trainers for each training session;

-      Conduct one introductory training-assessment (one day) and two leadership training sessions (two days each) for SAPO top and middle-management, with specific focus on the project management;

-      Conduct an evaluation of the training sessions based on questionnaires;

-      Prepare a final report with observations, the result of the evaluation and recommendations for future leadership development of staff.


The deliverables under this contract will be three training sessions for SAPO in May-June 2024.

The list of services, to be provided by the vendor, should include the development of the concept note, development of the agenda of each training, preliminary interviews with participants (pre-screening), all fees of the trainers and training organizers, facilitation of discussion meetings, all printing materials for each training, and written recommendations for participants after the training.

The rent of the venue, catering, logistics of participants, and other organization costs will not be the responsibility of the training service provider and will be procured directly by EUACI according to internal policies.

Start date and period of implementation of tasks

The exact dates of delivery of each training are subject to further negotiations with SAPO, but no longer than one month of the signature of the contract for each of the plans. The training service provider could start work immediately upon signing the contract.

Requirements for the Service Provider

The service provider shall:

-          Have at least (five) years of proven working experience in providing specialized leadership training for state institutions;

-          Experience in organizing leadership training activities for law-enforcement agencies would an advantage;

-          Be able to ensure economic and technical capacities to perform the requested services as well as a relevant legal status to hire experts;

-          Have proven experience in organizing corporate training for private entities and public institutions;

-          Proven experience in cooperation with the EU or other donor-funded projects will be an advantage.

Monitoring and evaluation

Definition of indicators

The performance of the Service Provider will be judged upon reaching the purpose of this contract as well as obtaining its results, as indicated in the section" objective and results" herein, respectively. Moreover, the performance of the Service Provider will be judged upon the successful implementation of all the specific activities indicated in the section" Scope of work" of the present document.

How to apply

The deadline for submitting the proposals is 22 July 2024, 14.00 Kyiv time.

All interested experts or companies should submit:

One-pager with explanation of suggested training agenda;

CV of the trainer/or staff involved by the service provider;

Financial Offer.

The proposal shall include the aforementioned information and should be submitted within the above deadline to andhni@um.dk, indicating the subject line: Leadership training to SAPO.

Bidding language: English.

Any clarification questions regarding the bid request should be addressed to andhni@um.dk no later than 17 July 2024 at 14.00 Kyiv time.