Job Description

Senior Expert on Anti-Corruption Policy

The EU Anti-Corruption Initiative in Ukraine (EUACI)

The EUACI is entering a new phase for 2024-2027 and is actively seeking a qualified and dynamic individual to fill the position of Senior Expert on Anti-Corruption Policy to assist Ukraine in the process of analysis and alignment of its anticorruption policies with best EU and international standards.

As a key member of our dedicated team, you will play a crucial role in advancing our mission to combat corruption and promote transparency and accountability in Ukraine and to bring Ukraine closer to EU. If you are passionate about making a positive impact and possess the necessary qualifications, we encourage you to apply by submitting your application to before 20 February 2024 18:00 (UTC+02:00).


The EUACI is a collaborative initiative funded by the European Union and the Government of Denmark, with the aim of supporting Ukraine in its efforts to reduce corruption at both national and local levels. The new phase III for 2024 – 2027 will operate across four intervention areas:

  1. Support to independent state institutions fighting and preventing corruption.
  2. Transparency and accountability of the reconstruction process.
  3. Support for cities in war-affected areas to enhance integrity in the reconstruction process.
  4. Civil society and media engagement in preventing and fighting corruption.

The position

Title: Senior Expert on Anti-Corruption Policy

Place of service: The EUACI office in Kyiv.

Contract: We offer a labour contract for a fulltime position with the Danish embassy.

Conditions: A salary according to qualifications and embassy staff policy and a benefit package as for embassy staff, including performance bonus, health insurance and five weeks of paid holidays.

Team: Being part of the team of experts working to support national institutions in fighting and preventing corruption, the Anti-Corruption Expert reports to the Team Leader and Deputy Head of the EUACI.

Area of Responsibility

The Senior Expert on Anti-Corruption Policy will play a pivotal role in supporting Ukraine's efforts in developing comprehensive anticorruption policies and legislation, specifically focusing on their alignment with anti-corruption legislation and practices of the European Union, Council of Europe, OECD, and other relevant international standards. The Expert will be responsible for commenting on draft legislation, analytical memos, and providing strategic advice to align Ukraine's anti-corruption framework with EU requirements as part of the enlargement negotiations process.

Key responsibilities:

  • Prepare analytical memos, reports, and policy briefs on issues related to European integration and anti-corruption.
  • Conduct in-depth analyses of draft legislation and regulations provided by state partners, ensuring they meet international standards and EU requirements.
  • Develop suggestions on draft legislation, regulations, and policies aimed at aligning Ukrainian anti-corruption laws and enforcement practices with European Union standards and the conditions set forth in the EU enlargement negotiations.
  • Support the EUACI leadership and the EU Delegation in dialogue with Ukrainian counterparts on European integration and anti-corruption, providing inputs for discussions and decision-making processes.
  • Maintain and enhance a network of contacts within Ukrainian state bodies involved in anti-corruption policy development, including but not limited to the National Agency on Corruption Prevention, Anti-Corruption Committee of the Parliament, Ministry of Justice, Governmental office and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister on European Integration.
  • Coordinate with stakeholders, including civil society, media, and international partners, to advance anti-corruption reforms linked to EU integration.
  • Engage with international experts and stakeholders in the field of anti-corruption to exchange knowledge, gather insights, and foster collaboration.
  • Supervise, guide and evaluate the external consultants providing assistance to the EUACI and its partners on policy and legislative issues.
  • Develop and coordinate implementation of capacity building activities related to improvement of anti-corruption policies and legislation.
  • Project management of activities to support the mentioned key responsibilities.
  • Contribute to program updates, summaries, and provide input to progress reports.
  • Assist with other duties as agreed with the Deputy Head.

Requested Profile/Qualifications

  • Advanced degree in Law, International Relations, Public Administration, or a related field.
  • Minimum of 5 years of professional experience in the field of anti-corruption, with specific focus on legislative development, policy analysis, and international standards.
  • Excellent knowledge of the European and international anti-corruption standards.
  • Demonstrated ability to develop draft legislation and policy documents related to anti-corruption.
  • Knowledge of Ukraine’s anti-corruption reform agenda.
  • Strong analytical skills and the capacity to work on complex legal and policy issues.
  • Excellent networking capabilities with a good track record of working with Ukrainian state bodies and international experts in the anti-corruption domain.
  • Fluent in Ukrainian and English, both written and spoken.
  • Keen sense of ethics, integrity, and credibility.

Deadline for applications

Interested candidates should submit their CV and motivation letter, detailing their experience and motivation for the position, to before 20 February 2024 18:00 (UTC+02:00). Please write in the email subject “Senior Expert on Anti-Corruption Policy”.