Head of Integrity Support Office/Advisor to Mykolaiv City Mayor on

Transparency and Integrity in the Reconstruction Process of Mykolaiv


  1. 1.   Background

Support of anti-corruption (AC) efforts in Ukraine is a high priority for Denmark and the  EU contributing to the enhancement of democracy, EU-integration as well as future economic growth and trade between Ukraine, Denmark and the rest of the EU Member States.

EU Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI) is the biggest EU support programme in the area of anti-corruption in Ukraine. The initiative is supported by the European Commission and by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a total budget of €22.9 million (2020-2024, July). The Programme is implemented by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. For more information, visit https://euaci.eu.

The EUACI overall objective is to improve the implementation of AC policy in Ukraine, thereby contributing to the reduction of corruption.

Component 2 of the Programme aims to combat and prevent corruption at the local level through developing and establishing mechanisms to ensure transparency, integrity and accountability in partnership with the municipality. It also includes engaging CSOs and citizens in oversight of the local government, strengthening civil society to sustain this engagement, and supporting investigative journalists to enhance accountability in municipalities. 

A key element of Component 2 is the application of the concept of Integrity Cities. The concept aims at showcasing how several mutually supportive Integrity tools can limit the corruption risks and enhance accountability. The set of Integrity tools includes, but is not limited to IT tools, sectoral assessment of corruption risks as well as development and implementation of measures to minimize corruption risks.

Mykolaiv is an addition to five Ukrainian cities which have been selected for the implementation of the Integrity Cities concept of the Programme. Based on the agreement reached with the Mykolaiv City Mayor, the EUACI envisages an Integrity Support Office (ISO) consist of experts in the local municipality, headed by an advisor to the Mayor to support the integrity transformation, transparency and accountability of the reconstruction process. The ISO will consist of several long-term staff and short-term experts as needed. The Advisor will be directly engaged in the process of establishing mechanisms of integrity, transparency and accountability for the reconstruction of the city. The Advisor and the ISO will also be part of the broader process of reconstruction in a partnership between Denmark and Mykolayiv.  



To support the Mayor and relevant representatives of the Executive Committee of the municipality in coordinating and advancing actions directed at effective implementation of mechanisms of integrity, transparency and accountability for the reconstruction of the city.  

The selected Advisor will report to both the EUACI management team and the city mayor.


The expected duration of the assignment is 8 months and 160 working days, with a tentative start in September 2023 and completion in April 2024.

The budget is up to 30 000 EUR including business trips (per diem, logistic and accommodation) for 80 travel days in Ukraine.

  2. Provide advice and operational support to the Mayor and relevant representatives of the Executive Committee in the implementation of mechanisms for ensuring integrity, transparency and accountability in the reconstruction process;
  3. Facilitate the implementation of Programme related activities in accordance with the project description agreed between the EUACI and the City, as well as the approved work plan.
  4. Contribute to drafting, consideration and adoption of local rules and procedures required for the implementation of mechanisms for ensuring integrity, transparency and accountability in the reconstruction process;
  5. Ensure effective cooperation between the EUACI contractors involved in the Programme implementation, the Executive Committee, and the City Council.
  6. To ensure the proper level of coordination in the accountability and transparency of issues about the reconstruction of Mykolayiv, including by engaging in the broader work on reconstruction.
  7. Inform the Mayor, members of the City Council, and the EUACI of the state of the Programme implementation. Provide updates, presentations and reports on Programme implementation.
  8. Serve as the reference point for the Mayor and the Executive Committee for conducting research on the best practices of the local self-government transparency, accountability and corruption prevention. Initiate and support consideration of the application of such practices by the Executive Committee and the City Council.  
  9. Ensure coordination with other external actors, including other international programs and NGO projects.
  10. Contribute to presenting and replicating best practices developed in Mykolaiv as part of ensuring accountability, transparency and integrity of the reconstruction.

10. Ensure proper visibility and communication effort of the EUACI’s engagement in Mykolaiv.

11. When possible, facilitate an inclusive process by engaging civil society organizations and the business community in the reconstruction process.

12. Chair the Integrity Support Office.

13. Engage in other ad hoc activities as agreed between the EUACI and the City.


For the period of the service, the Mayor’s Advisor possesses the following rights:

  1. 1.   To request and obtain information (documents, certificates, other materials) relevant to the implementation of their mandate from the structural units and public officials of the Executive Committee, City Council and communal enterprises.
  2. 2.   To participate in the meetings of the Executive Committee, its advisory and collegial bodies, and meetings held at the City Council.
  3. 3.   To initiate considerations to address transparency, integrity and accountability issues at the meeting of the Executive Committee, its advisory and collegial bodies, meetings held at the City Council.
  4. 4.   To use the premises of the Executive Committee assigned for the Advisor’s service.



Although the above scope of work is very much about guiding partners through a development process and helping them deliver the outputs in their results framework, this section translate the scope of work into some regular deliverables and specific outputs that the Consultant will directly responsible for delivering. The tables below summarise the tentatively identified regular and specific deliverables and outputs.



Target Timeline/Due Dates



Output-based work plans, indicating the timing and estimated input of time in hours for carrying out jointly agreed activities.

Quarterly (or Monthly

as agreed) /1 week before start of period

Senior Project Manager

for Integrity Projects and Reconstruction


Progress Reports, summarizing the progress made and results achieved over the period, and the Consultant’s recommendations for future actions.

Quarterly (or Monthly

as agreed) / 1 week after end of the period.

Senior Project Manager

for Integrity Projects and Reconstruction


Draft documents, legal acts, concepts, presentations on request of management


Senior Project Manager

for Integrity Projects and Reconstruction


Invoices and signed timesheets, summarising actual days worked and expenses incurred with reference to the agreed work plans

Quarterly (or Monthly

as agreed) / max 2 weeks after end of the period

Senior Project Manager

for Integrity Projects and Reconstruction

  • Knowledge and understanding of central, regional state government and local self-government in Ukraine.
  • Understanding the peculiarities of the functioning of local self-governments in Ukraine.
  • Written and verbal skills appropriate to communicate with a wide range of audiences and in the context of a complex political organisation.
  • Fluency in Ukrainian is required
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of transparency, integrity and accountability mechanisms of local self-government an advantage.
  • Strong organisational, management, and coordination skills.
  • Extensive experience in providing high-level analysis and advice.
  • Extensive experience in building and maintaining relationships with a wide range of stakeholders including members of local city councils, community groups and other key contacts.
  • A keen sense of ethics, integrity, and credibility is a must.
  • The ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines, flexibility and an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Masters’ Degree in political science, public administration, economics, law or another relevant field, demonstrates the ability to perform the duties and responsibilities described.
  • At least 2 years of professional experience in managing projects for or in cooperation with local self-government.
  • At least 3 years of experience preparing analytical documents and research in the field of public administration.
  • High level of English language proficiency
  1. 8.   HOW TO APPLY

To apply, please send your CV, short motivation letter and expected budget to dmyiak@um.dk, indicating the subject line "Adviser for the Mykolaiv City Mayor".

The deadline for submitting the proposals is 17 September 2023, 18:00 Kyiv time.

The proposals shall be submitted in English or Ukrainian.

Any clarification questions for the bid request should be addressed to dmyiak@um.dk, no later than 5 September 2023, 18:00 Kyiv time.



Bids will be evaluated under the criteria provided below:





CV (Relevant experience, skills and competencies) and Motivation Letter



Proposed budget