Terms of Reference for design and website development on 

international aid for the Mykolayiv City Administration

1. The Programme

The EUACI is a joint EU and Government of Denmark financed programme aimed at supporting Ukraine in its efforts to reduce corruption at the national and local level through the empowerment of citizens, civil society, businesses, and state institutions. 

2. Objective

The EUACI is seeking a Contractor who can work closely with the EUACI and Mykolaiv City Administration to design, develop and launch a new user-friendly website on international aid received by the Mykolayiv City Administration. The website aims to build online visibility and will serve as a communication platform by providing information on Mykolayiv City’s partners and donor organisations’ activities on the Internet.

2.1. Purpose

The website should display the content on international aid in an organized, attractive and user-friendly manner. The purpose of creating the website is to increase the transparency of the Mykolayiv City Administration by providing:

  • information on the received international aid (reports, publications, photos, videos, etc.);

  • the full list of Ukrainian and international partners and donor organisations, who provided support;

  • acknowledgements and urgent international aid requests.

2.2. Target audience

  • Partners and donor organisations;

  • Mass media;

  • Civil society organizations;

  • Local authorities;

  • General public.

3. Scope of Work

We expect the successful bidder to display a high degree of creativity, UX and technical knowledge in offering us suitable website design options. The design must be aesthetic, user-friendly, have sound design and navigation logic and offer ease of use. 

Detailed specifications are provided in Terms of Reference (ToR).

Also, there would be a request to develop simple and customised dashboards on one of the website’s pages (Annex 1).

4. Deliverables

The following deliverables shall be provided by a Contractor:

  1. Development of Terms of Reference (TоR) of the website, work specifications, sitemap, site structure, and technical requirements. 

  2. Design and realisation of all pages of the website. 

  3. Deployment of the website software on the beneficiary's technical site, its initial setup, and SEO during the technical support period.

  4. Transfer to website hosting, configuration and testing.

  5. The website O&M presentation to the EUACI dedicated staff.


The Contractor agrees and, according to the work results, provides documents on the following list:

  • ToR;

  • Specification;

  • Website Testing Program and Techniques;

  • Administrator(s) Guide(s);

  • User(s) Guide(s);

The list of documents can be specified at the stage of development, combining several documents into separate sections is allowed.

All technical documentation must be prepared in paper and electronic forms in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format.

Data protection

  • All personal data must be processed within the meaning of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On the Protection of Personal Data".

5. Project Timeline

The intended commencement date of the website launching is 25 December 2023. The estimated time for the development is up to 3 months starting from signing the contract.

The following phases are foreseen:

I. Consultation and inception: In this first phase, the EUACI is expected to liaise with the contractor, clarify the remaining questions and provide expert recommendations on the structure design of the webpage.

II. Design and development of the website: On the basis of the consultation, the website is going to be established. The contractor is expected to present the design of the webpage to the EUACI and to incorporate the feedback in the course of this development phase. 

III. Transfer of information to the new website.

IV. Testing phase: The website will be tested for a certain period and errors will be reported.

V. Finalization and launching of the website. This will include fixing of any bugs, errors or unexpected behaviour reported in the document “Test report” by the EUACI, and deployment to the production environment.

VI. Technical support. The technical assistance and bug fixes shall be provided by the Contractor not less than 2 months after the completion of the website development.

6. Bidding details

The bidder must submit the following information to be considered:

  1. A brief profile (maximum two pages) of the company.

  2. The CVs (no more than three pages for each person) of the key team members who will be involved in the project. List the names, project titles, key duties on this assignment and amount of time dedicated to this project.

  3. A list of assignments, similar to this project, executed in the last five years (must include website addresses).

  4. Provide a detailed description of the methodology, scope of work and timeline of the project as well as key assumptions.

  5. Provide a budget for the services in EUR, inclusive of all taxes or other such charges (excluding VAT).


The maximum budget available for this assignment is EUR 15,000.


Deadline for proposals submission is September 28, 2023 18:00 Kyiv time.

How to apply

The proposals shall be submitted within the above deadlines to the e-mail: dmyiak@um.dk, cc olena.ogorodnik@gmail.com, indicating the subject line “Mykolaiv Aid website”.

Bidding language: English or Ukrainian.

Clarification questions

Questions for the Request for Bid should be addressed to Dmytro Yakymchuk dmyiak@um.dk, cc olena.ogorodnik@gmail.com, no later than September 25, 2023 18:00 Kyiv time.

7. Evaluation criteria

Bids will be evaluated in accordance with the criteria provided below:





Portfolio of projects successfully completed on websites’ design and development, quality and relevance of past work



Key delivery team members relevant experience, skills and competencies



Proposed methodology and detailed timelines



Proposed budget