Copywriter for the Integrity Recovery Campaign 

at the Ministry of Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine 

1. Background

The EUACI is a joint EU and Government of Denmark financed program aimed at supporting Ukraine in its efforts to reduce corruption at the national and local level through the empowerment of citizens, civil society and state institutions. In January 2024, a new phase of the EUACI is launched. The strategic objectives are that: Corruption in Ukraine is reduced; Ukraine advances with anti-corruption reform; and Reconstruction in war-affected areas of Ukraine is implemented within a framework that incorporates transparency, accountability and integrity.

The EUACI has four intervention areas:

  • Support to independent state institutions fighting and preventing corruption;

  • Transparency and accountability of the reconstruction process;

  • Support cities in war-affected areas in enhancing integrity in the reconstruction process;

  • Civil society and media in preventing and fighting corruption.

To support the Ukrainian government’s efforts to effectively manage the process of the wartime reconstruction and post-war recovery and to ensure that transparency and integrity considerations are taken into account, the EUACI cooperates with the Ministry Communities, Territories and Infrastructure of Ukraine (hereinafter Ministry for Restoration or the Ministry). MoU between EUACI and the Ministry was signed in March 2023. To strengthen the capacity of the Ministry for Restoration, the EUACIestablished the Integrity Support Group consisting of several experts fully embedded into the Ministry’s work.

The Ministry for Restoration is implementing a communication campaign aimed at promoting best practices of integrity, transparency and accountability in recovery on national and local levels, regional policy and decentralization and other related spheres within the competence of the profile deputy minister (“the Integrity Recovery Campaign”). To support this initiative, the Ministry is looking to hire a skilled Copywriter for the website “Decentralization”. 


2. Objective

The main objective of technical support within the framework of this engagement is to find editor-copywriter to provide the effective communication of the activities and results of the Ministry and profile Deputy Minister within the Integrity Recovery Campaign, provide content at the web-site  “Decentralization”.


3. The Position

Title: Copywriter 

Place of service: Kyiv, Ukraine (mainly for the premises of the Ministry)

The responsibilities include generating content by collecting and analyzing information from various sources and managing the website with the framework of the Integrity Recovery Campaign for the Ministry for Restoration to promote best practices of integrity, transparency and accountability at the national and local level in the context of decentralization.

4. Duration of contract 

The intended commencement date is the date of signature of the contract with the consultant, and the period of implementation of the contract will be 12 months, with a duration of a maximum of 240 working days. Services have to be provided in Kyiv with possibility to work remotely. The job can be regarded as a part-time .

The maximum budget for this activity is EUR 13 000.

4. Scope of work

Includes the following tasks with emphasis on activities to promote best practices of integrity, transparency and accountability in recovery at the national and local level, regional policy and decentralization:

  • Generate website content tailored to various audience segments to raise awareness about best practices in recovery at both national and local levels

  • Work closely with Ministry Communication Team Leader to define key messaging and communication goals and to gather relevant information for content creation.

  • Participate in content planning meetings and contribute creative ideas for enhancing the website's impact.

  • Review and edit content for clarity, coherence, and adherence to brand guidelines.

  • Stay informed about decentralization trends, policies, and best practices to incorporate timely and accurate information into the content. 

  • Collaborate with communication teams of stakeholders. 

  • Any other related tasks to support the Integrity Support Group and the EUACI.


5. Expected deliverables 

While the above scope of work is largely focused on maintaining the website, this section translates the scope of work into some regular and specific deliverables that the Copywriter will be directly responsible for achieving. The tables below summarize the previously identified regular and specific outputs and outcomes.




Target Timeline/Due Dates



Output-based work plans, indicating the timing and estimated input of time in hours for carrying out jointly agreed activities

Quarterly (or Monthly as agreed) /1 week before start of period

Integrity Support Group Team Leader 


Progress Reports, summarizing the progress made and results achieved over the period

Quarterly (or Monthly as agreed) / 1 week after end of the period.

Integrity Support Group Team Leader 


Content materials

At least
1 article per week

Integrity Support Group Team Leader, Ministry Communication Team Leader


Invoices and signed timesheets, summarizing actual days worked and expenses incurred with reference to the agreed work plans

Quarterly (or Monthly as agreed) / max 2 weeks after end of the period

Component Team Leader


6. Demand Profile/Qualifications

Key qualifications:

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Communication, Public Relations, Journalism, Language or a related field.

  • At least 2 years of proven experience as a Copywriter with a strong portfolio showcasing a range of writing styles. 

  • Experience working with various social media platforms, including a website. 

  • Experience in working with Ukrainian authorities and familiarity with decentralization concepts, policies, or related topics is advantageous. 

  • Excellent research skills and the ability to distill complex information into accessible and engaging content.

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  • Fluency in written and oral English and Ukrainian. 

  • Keen sense of ethics, integrity, and credibility.


Deadline for proposals submission is March 12, 2024, 18:00 Kyiv time.


How to apply

The candidate must submit the following information to be considered:

  1. CV.

  2. Provide a budget for the services in EUR (daily rate), inclusive of all taxes or other such charges (without VAT).

  3. Motivation letter (one page).

The proposals shall be submitted within the above deadlines to the e-mail: yanryz@um.dk, cc dmyiak@um.dk, indicating the subject line Copywriter for the Integrity Recovery Campaign”.

Language: English.

Clarification questions

Questions for the Request for Bid should be addressed to Yana Ryzak yanryz@um.dk, cc dmyiak@um.dk, no later than 7 March 2024, 17:00 Kyiv time.