Analysts for assisting for the NACP Head Selection Commission (5 positions)


The European Union Anti-Corruption Initiative in Ukraine (EUACI) Phase II is the biggest European Union (EU) support program in the area of anti-corruption in Ukraine, co-funded and implemented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark on behalf of the EU. It is a four-year program (2020-2024) building on a flagship Phase I of the EUACI, funded by the EU, implemented and co-funded by Denmark in 2017-2020.

The overall objective of the EUACI Phase II is the reduction of corruption in Ukraine at the national and local levels through the empowerment of citizens, civil society, business, and state institutions. Such state institutions include Ukraine's whole newly set-up anti-corruption infrastructure, where the NACP plays important role in preventing corruption.  

On 15 January 2024, the powers of the Head of the NACP will expire. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine will soon approve the composition of the commission for the selection of the new Head and selection process will begin.  

Support of merit-based competitions for heads of anti-corruption institutions is one of the key priorities for the EUACI. It is important to ensure that future heads of the institutions have an irreproachable reputation, strong managerial capacities and unquestionable integrity.

Objectives and results

The objective of this assignment is to provide assistance to the Secretariat of the NACP Head Selection Commission and Commission members regarding the facilitation of the integrity check of the candidates for NACP head, focusing on information from open sources and information delivered by other stakeholders (if needed) and other support needed for facilitation of the merit-based selection process of the NACP head, as well as providing other legal support where nessesary.

Scope of work

Analysts are expected to:

-        Carry out integrity (background) checks of candidates for NACP head, including but not limited to the analysis of candidates’ asset declarations, relevant open-source data, and information provided by third parties;

-        Draft individual portfolios for each candidate (the expected number of candidates will be defined by the selection commission);

-        Draft individual integrity questionnaires to be sent to the affected candidates and collect and analyze candidates’ responses for the NACP head selection;

-        Provide assistance in drafting letters, answers to the request, etc;

-        Participate in an/or monitor the meetings of the selection commission (if needed);

-        Other legal and analytical tasks defined to support selection process.


-          Hight-quality individual portfolios for each candidate analyzed by the analyst according to the timeline requested;

-          Hight-quality individual questionnaires to be sent to the affected candidates and collect and analyze candidates’ responses for the NACP head selection process;

-          Draft of letters, minutes and other documents prepared;

-          Time-shits indicating time spent for the assignment;

-          Short final report (max 2 pages) with a description of provided services.

Start date and period of implementation of tasks

The intended commencement date is the date of signature of the contract by both parties and the period of implementation of the contract will be up to 4 months, with a maximum duration of 60 working days starting from September – December 2023.

Requirements for the Service Provider

The assignment requires the services of 5 national analysts with the following qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in law, public administration or political science;
  • At least 3 years of experience with a focus on legal writing, research and analysis.
  • Previous engagement with international projects in the sphere of judicial/ anti-corruption reform would be considered an advantage;
  • Skills to conduct information search in databases and analyze other online resources to produce balanced and credible situation descriptions based on multiple data sources;
  • Excellent organizational skills to meet deadlines;
  • Fluency in written and spoken Ukrainian, working proficiency of English.

Monitoring and evaluation

Definition of indicators

The performance of the Service Provider will be judged upon reaching the purpose of this contract as well as obtaining its results, as indicated in the section” Objective and results" herein, respectively. Moreover, the performance of the Service Provider will be judged upon the successful implementation of all the specific activities indicated in the section" Scope of work” of the present document.

The deadline for proposal submission is 18 September  2023  17:00 Kyiv time.

How to apply

Provide the CV and expected daily rate in EUR within the above deadlines to the Anti-Corruption Expert Viktoria Popyk, the e-mail: viktorypopyk@gmail.com with the title Analyst for integrity checks.

Bidding language: English.

Clarification questions:

Questions for the Request for Bid should be addressed to  viktorypopyk@gmail.com  no later than 14 September 2023, 17:00 Kyiv time.