Advisor to Nikopol City Mayor

Transparency, Accountability and Corruption Prevention


Support of AC efforts in Ukraine is a high priority for Denmark and the rest of the EU contributing to the enhancement of democracy, as well as future economic growth and trade between Ukraine, Denmark and the rest of EU Member States.

EU Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI) is the biggest EU support programme in the area of anti-corruption in Ukraine so far. The initiative with a duration of three years is supported by the European Commission and by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a total budget of €15.84 million. The Programme is implemented by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Danida). For more information, visit

The EUACI overall objective is to improve the implementation of AC policy in Ukraine, thereby to contribute to the reduction of corruption.

Component 3 of the Programme aims to combat and prevent corruption at the local level through developing and establishing mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability, engaging CSOs and citizens in oversight of the local government, strengthening civil society to sustain this engagement, and supporting investigative journalists to enhance accountability in municipalities.  

A key element of Component 3 is the application of the concept of Integrity Cities. The concept aims at showcasing how several mutually supportive Integrity tools can limit the corruption risks and enhance accountability. The set of Integrity tools includes, but is not limited to Open Budget, Open Budget for Schools, GeoPortal, E-Reception Hall, Corruption Risk Assessment, Municipal Integrity Plan, etc.

Nikopol is one out of five Ukrainian cities which have been selected for the implementation of the Integrity Cities component of the Programme. Based upon the agreement reached with Nikopol City Mayor the EUACI envisages to embed in the local municipality one expert as an advisor to the Mayor to support the integrity transformation. The Advisor will be directly engaged in the development of the integrity plan for the city, as well as will assist the local municipality in coordinating effective implementation of integrity tools.  Advisory assistance of such kind is seen as a transitional mechanism leading to the establishment of integrity units in the cities.


To support the Mayor and relevant representatives of the Executive Committee in coordinating and advancing actions directed at effective implementation of integrity tools in the city. To assist the Mayor and the Executive Committee in developing concept for the establishment of Integrity Units in the Executive Committee.


  1. Provide advice and operational support to the Mayor and relevant representatives of the Executive Committee in developing Municipal Integrity Plan for the city.
  2. Provide advice and operational support to the Mayor and relevant representatives of the Executive Committee in developing effective coordination and monitoring mechanism for the implementation of Municipal Integrity Plan for the city.
  3. Assist the Mayor and the Executive Committee in integrating corruption risk assessment methodology in the overall strategic policy development and planning processes.
  4. Contribute to the development of the Municipal Integrity Plan, monitor its implementation and where necessary recommend developments to the processes and standards to ensure consistency of the Integrity Plan implementation.
  5. Assist the Executive Committee in coordinated implementation of Programme related activities.
  6. Contribute to drafting, consideration and adoption of local rules and procedures required for the implementation of integrity tools as well as actions envisaged under the Integrity Plan of the city.
  7. Ensure effective cooperation between the EUACI contractors involved in the Programme implementation and the Executive Committee, and the City Council.
  8. Inform the Mayor, members of the City Council, and the EUACI on the state of the Programme implementation. Provide updates, presentations and reports on Programme implementation.
  9. Serve as the reference point for the Mayor and the Executive Committee for conducting research on the best practices of the local self-government transparency, accountability and corruption prevention. Initiate and support consideration of application of such practices by the Executive Committee and the City Council.
  10. Liaise with the EUACI and its local representative to maintain adequate and proactive cooperation with the Programme.

For the period of the service, the Mayor’s Advisor possess the following rights:

  1. To request and obtain information (documents, certificates, other materials) relevant to the implementation of his/her mandate from the structural units and public officials of the Executive Committee, City Council and communal enterprises.
  2. To participate in the meetings of the Executive Committee, its advisory and collegial bodies, meetings held at the City Council.
  3. To initiate considerations to address transparency and accountability issues at the meeting of the Executive Committee, its advisory and collegial bodies, meetings held at the City Council.
  4. To use the premises of the Executive Committee assigned for Advisor’s service.


  • Knowledge and understanding of central, regional state government and local self-government.
  • Written and verbal skills appropriate to communicate with a wide range of audiences and in the context of a complex political organization.
  • Fluency in Ukrainian and Russian is required
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of transparency and accountability mechanisms of local self-government.
  • Strong organizational, management, and coordination skills.
  • Extensive experience in providing high-level analysis and advice.
  • Extensive experience in building and maintaining relationships with a wide range of stakeholders including members of local city councils, community groups and other key contacts.
  • Demonstrates resilience in the face of challenges from staff, media and partner organizations.
  • Shows positivity in the face of external pressure, minimizing negative impact.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • A keen sense of ethics, integrity, and credibility.
  • The ability to work under pressure with tight deadlines, flexibility and an entrepreneurial spirit.


  • Masters’ Degree in political science, public administration, law or another relevant field that demonstrates the ability to perform the duties and responsibilities as described.
  • At least two years of professional experience in managing projects for or in cooperation with local self-government.


The CVs, motivation letters and contact information of at least two references shall be submitted to the e-mail: with the subject: Advisor to Nikopol Mayor.

Deadline is September 1 (Sunday).

The candidate will be selected in three stages:

  1. Assessment of received applications against the requirements listed in this announcement;
  2. Interview with the Selection Committee, which will be formed by the local municipality and the EUACI;
  3. Shortlisted candidates will have an interview with the Mayor.

The Consultant is expected to start the work in September 2019.

The contract period is from September 2019 to April 2020 with the possibility of extension. The consultant will provide services for at least 20 business days during the calendar month.

For any questions, please contact Bohdan Boiko, Local Governance and Civil Society Expert at EUACI (