Below you can find some frequently asked questions and most important ones. You can also download the whole document Questions and Answers

In what language should be submitted a concept note?
Please submit a concept note written in English.

Can one organization submit several concept notes?
We will consider only one concept note from one organization.

Are young civil society organizations that previously did not receive any grants from donors eligible to apply?
Yes, they are eligible to apply but they still need to prove that they have the expertise and previous experience in the field of the submitted project concept.

Do you have allowable & unallowable costs regulations, budget limitations? Do you require co-funding?
There are no budget limitations, all costs are allowable if they are necessary, reasonable and allocable. We do not require co-funding.

Do you require partners, coalitions for the project implementation?
We do not require partners, coalitions for the project implementations but if there are partners, please indicate them in the concept note.

Will you support a project focused on implementing activities only in one region?
A project can be implemented in one region. We support the implementation of the anti-corruption mechanisms on the national, regional and local level