` The High Anti-Corruption Court has started its operational activity
The High Anti-Corruption Court has started its operational activity

On 5 September, the official opening of the High Anti-Corruption Court took place in Kyiv. The start of the activity of the HACC is an important event under the anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine.

The opening began with a welcome speech from the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky. During welcoming speech, he stressed in regard to the court’s mandate:

“Today, the judges are facing a great challenge. And it is not just the return of the stolen to the citizens by punishing the top corrupt officials, it is the return of the feeling and belief that there is justice in Ukraine. I cannot set you a task. As a citizen, I feel that the task of the High Anti-Corruption Court is simple: corrupt officials should be punished while the state, society and investors are protected.”

The High Anti-Corruption Court has started its operational activity

Olena Tanasevych, the Head of the newly created court, gave the specifics about its structure, responsibilities and jurisdiction:

“The HACC’s jurisdiction extends to the whole territory of Ukraine. The assembly of judges has selected 6 judges to supervise pre-trial investigations ensuring that human rights and freedoms are respected. 7 chambers of the first instance court will hear court proceedings. The Appeal Chamber will have 4 chambers, which will review the decisions made by the first instance.”

The opening ceremony was also attended by the Chairman of the Supreme Court Valentyna Danyshevska, Judge of the Criminal Court of Cassation in the Supreme Court Stanislav Kravchenko, Prosecutor General Ruslan Ryaboshapka and representatives of international organizations.

The High Anti-Corruption Court has started its operational activity

At the end of the official part of the event, Valentyna Danyshevska addressed to the newly elected judges:

“For many judges, this is their first robe and I want you to respect it. The way you treat it will define the way other people will. The independence of the judiciary is our common goal, because without an independent court both democracy and rule of law are impossible to achieve. Each of us can change the face of Ukrainian justice.”

EUACI supported the establishment of the HACC from the very beginning by providing expertise and technical assistance in human resource development and management, IT, court security, infrastructure and strategic communications.

The HACC’s opening is the final stage of the process of forming an effective network of anti-corruption bodies in Ukraine.

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