The EUACI receives strong support from its partners in the fight against corruption


On February 19th, the Steering Committee of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI) gathered online for its 1st Meeting of Phase II. The participants reviewed the overall implementation of the Programme, got acquainted with the transition process to EUACI Phase II, and gave strategic guidance on program direction. 

Denys Maliuska, Minister of Justice of Ukraine:

"Four years ago, the EUACI was launched in Ukraine to increase government agencies' capacity to perform their functions in the fight against corruption and ensure other institutions and justice agencies' integrity. Corruption, which still exists as a phenomenon in our society, hinders the implementation of reforms in Ukraine in full. That is why the sufficient work and support of European partners in combating corruption is the key to zero tolerance for this negative phenomenon in Ukrainian society".


Ole Egberg Mikkelsen, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark to Ukraine: 

"Denmark is a strong supporter of Ukraine's reform process through the Danish Neighborhood program, and the fight against corruption is an absolutely crucial element in our partnership with Ukraine. I am proud that Denmark has been entrusted with implementing the European Anti-Corruption Initiative, EUACI. I am also very pleased that Ukraine's minister of Justice has accepted to be the co-chairman of the steering committee. It demonstrates the political commitment of the Ukrainian government, and I look forward to working with minister Maliuska in that capacity".


Frederik Coene, Head of Cooperation at the EU Delegation to Ukraine:

"The EU has always been one of Ukraine's major supporters in its ongoing fight against corruption. Our support has been substantially reinforced after the Revolution of Dignity, and the best proof of that is the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative – a comprehensive, multi-dimensional programme that for the fifth year in a row is empowering the anti-corruption agencies, local municipalities, the civil society, investigative journalists and the business community in their relentless drive for a democratic, prosperous and corruption-free Ukraine".


Oleksandr Novikov, Head of the National Agency on Corruption Prevention (NACP):

"In 2020, the expert support of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative was especially important to us. The EUACI has helped us to engage several international experts in the development of the Anti-Corruption Strategy that should be adopted by the Verkhovna Rada later this year. The Anti-Corruption Strategy is the key to ensuring sustainable results in fighting corruption in Ukraine during the next 4 years."


Allan Pagh Kristensen, EUACI Head of Unit:

"It is a great pleasure to gather all the EUACI partners at the Steering Committee meeting of Phase II. We have a very impressive and diverse group of partners that illustrates that the fight against corruption is an issue not only for the national anti-corruption institutions; we also need to work with civil society, the media, business associations, and the local authorities if we are going to be successful. And that is the strength of our program."


Eka Tkeshelashvili, EUACI Head of Program:

"Fight against corruption is essential for Ukraine's democratic development and economic prosperity. EUACI is happy to strengthen anti-corruption bodies' independence in Ukraine and develop their resilience and institutional capacity to effectively deliver their mandate. We are especially proud to help our partners to revolutionize the way they operate. And the development of eCase MS is one of the examples. This system is changing how law enforcement agencies can work in Ukraine, which will start with specialized anti-corruption bodies: NABU, SAPO, and HACC".

The Steering Committee of the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative meets twice a year. It provides a forum for discussion between the program's stakeholders. The Danish ambassador to Ukraine and the Minister of Justice of Ukraine chairs the Steering Committee. The list of all the members of the EUACI Steering Committee is on the link.

The EUACI receives strong support from its partners in the fight against corruption

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