` Corruption Park completed its task
Corruption Park completed its task

Corruption Park, the first interactive project on corruption and corruption fight is over.

We thank all of the visitors, journalists, historians, sociologists, political scientists, international experts, lecturers, representatives of anti-corruption NGOs and independent investigators who helped us collect pertinent information and gave us an opportunity to display their unique visions in our park. Our special thanks go out to NABU, the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor, and the Agency for the Investigation and Asset Management (ARMA) for their patience and comprehensive support.

Here are some statistics.

1. During the 25 days that Corruption Park was in operation, we had over 30,000 visitors.

2. The park welcomed guests from 28 countries: France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Lithuania, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Denmark, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, United States, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, India, Chile, Brazil, Egypt and Kuwait.

3. Coverage of the Park in media outlets reached 100,000,000 contacts and is still growing. Alongside CNN, Washington Post, Bloomberg, Reuters, Der Spiegel and Deutsche Welle, other newspapers and radio stations from France, Austria, New Zealand, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia and other countries reported on the project.

4. There were more than 500 publications regarding the Park throughout news and social media platforms in Ukraine only.

5. At no cost to our visitors, guest speakers held twenty lectures and meetings on site. Among the speakers were the world-renowned anti-corruption figure, Carlos Castresana, the director of NABU, Artem Sytnyk, investigative journalist Denys Bihus, MP Serhiy Leschenko. As part of a special program, children completed quests alongside NABU detectives and listened to anti-corruption tales from Sashko Lirnyk.

6. The crew behind the project consisted of 12 teams comprising of 130 people. These were: EUACI, Gres & Todorchuk PR, Platforma, Hooga, the curatorial team led by Katya Taylor, Oleksandr Slobodianyk and his team – “Idearoomia,” the Slon team, Lookinar, “VR HUB” - a network of virtual reality clubs, 360discoVR, PlusOne, a team of technicians led by Bogdan Dzyunko, a project team led by Vitta Lyahova, and a team of volunteers led by Aleksandra Kulinich.

7. Overall, we had 251 private tours in the Park.

8. A poll was conducted as the visitors first entered and later exited the Park. 8,300 people were invited to answer the following questions on our poll:

Can Ukraine overcome corruption?

Upon entry: YES 59% NO 41%

Before departure: YES 72% NO 28%

Does Ukraine need an Anticorruption Court?

Upon entry: YES 75% NO 25%

Before departure: YES 87% NO 13%

Do you know about the work of specialized anti-corruption bodies?

Upon entry: YES 57% NO 43%

Before departure: YES 66% NO 34%

Do you think the specialized anti-corruption agencies are effective?

9. “The Country That We Dream Of” was a black-and-white drawing by Alexandra Zhumaylova. During June 28-30, more than 3,000 visitors colored in the 120 square-meter exhibit with color markers. Visitors also added their wishes, dreams and other images to Zhumaylov’s art. The most popular addition was an inscription: "I love Ukraine."

10. Visitors of the Park recorded 1,200 audio wishes regarding Ukraine. Two of the most popular wishes were quality education and severe punishment of corrupt officials.

11. Residents of 15 Ukrainian cities requested to organize similar parks in their localities. The organizers also received invitations to open the Park in the United States, Spain and Lithuania.

Corruption Park completed its task
Corruption Park completed its task
Corruption Park completed its task
Corruption Park completed its task
Corruption Park completed its task
Corruption Park completed its task
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