` ARMA expert learns modern anti-money laundering tools during training in OECD Tax Crime Academy
ARMA expert learns modern anti-money laundering tools during training in OECD Tax Crime Academy

Last week, ARMA headquarters welcomed back in Kyiv its analyst after an intense 8-day training in the OECD International Academy for Tax Crime Investigation in Italy that was supported by the EUACI.

ARMA analyst attended training that was held from 8-17 April. This training was dedicated to specific anti-money laundering tools and intended for investigators and experts from around the world with practice in the investigation, management of and prosecution of money laundering cases. The programme’s focus was on current trends in money laundering, issues related to freezing and seizing assets, as well as emerging money laundering and risks of terrorist’s financing posed by cryptocurrencies.

The training was structured around a number of modules, which were taught through a combination of lectures, group discussions, practical exercises, and participant presentations. Those were interactive courses, which provide participants with an in-depth knowledge of the wide range of issues faced by tax and financial crime investigators, as well as responses to these issues and available tools. The course was taught by an international faculty of senior and experienced tax crime investigators and financial crime experts drawn from a number of countries.

This has been a very well-structured course that gave us knowledge and tools necessary to handle modern money-laundering cases, as well as issues related to freezing and seizing assets. It was also useful for establishing ties with the representatives of government agencies from foreign jurisdictions, since ARMA’s cases often include international cooperation,” said Artem Tkachenko, ARMA analyst.

Training in OECD Tax Crime Academy for ARMA expert was supported by EUACI as part of its ongoing commitment to strengthening the operational and policy-making capacities of state institutions dealing with the prevention and fight against corruption.

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