` Carlos Castresana was impressed by the Corruption Park
Carlos Castresana was impressed by the Corruption Park

On June 11, Carlos Castresana, the most successful and most feared corruption fighter in the world, met with young Ukrainians in the Corruption Park.During his meeting with the Ukrainian youth, he described his experience of combating corruption in different countries around the world and shared his vision of the development of the fight against corruption in Ukraine.

Carlos Castresana has worked for 10 years as an anti-corruption prosecutor in Spain. He has also been involved in the investigations of the former Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, and the Chilean dictator, Augustus Pinochet. Most notably, Castresana became famous throughout the world for his work in Guatemala. As head of the International Commission on the fight against impunity, he was able to sentence for imprisonment the former president of Guatemala, three former interior ministers, four of the five army generals, three leaders of the national police, businessmen, congressmen, drug dealers, child and women traffickers.

"To overcome corruption in a country, we need only one thousand conscious people who are willing to control this process of fighting corruption," - said the honorable guest. "Fighting domestic corruption should start with children, it's up to them to tell their parents that they will do their homework, and that they will not  take a bribe to their teachers," he added.

Carlos Castersana was impressed by the Corruption Park. Castersana expressed the opinion that such installations should be in all countries around the world in order to demonstrate the damage that is caused by corruption. He also invited the Corruption Park creators to bring it to Spain.