EUACI and Chervonohrad reconfirmed their intentions to strengthen the integrity of the city

EUACI and Chervonohrad reconfirmed their intentions to strengthen the integrity of the city


On December 21, EUACI Head of Unit Allan Pagh Kristensen expressed readiness to continue supporting Chervonohrad in strengthening the city's integrity at a meeting with elected Mayor Andriy Zalivskyi.

The EUACI Head of the Unit, Allan Pagh Kristensen, said:

“We at the EUACI very much appreciate the partnership with Chervonohrad during the past years and their readiness to seek to strengthen integrity within the city and to continue our cooperation to that end”.

Within the framework of cooperation, it is planned to work in three dimensions:

  1. Strengthening and expanding the tools of transparency, accountability, and prevention of corruption.

  2. Exchange of experiences and best practices.

  3. Support the integrity and anti-corruption efforts of civil society, investigative journalists, and business associations.


The Mayor of Chervonohrad Andriy Zalivskyi commented:

“We are proud to be a part of the EUACI Integrity City project, and it has already shown its effectiveness and results. Earlier, together we have implemented the GeoPortal (geographic information system), assessed the corruption risks and set the mitigation plan, and developed the E-Reception Hall concept to strengthen communication between the government and the community”.

The EU Anti-Corruption Initiative has been supporting and assisting Ukraine in the fight against corruption since 2017, including strengthening the capacity of local governments, civil society organizations, and the media to increase the transparency and accountability of local authorities. The Integrity Cities project implements in five Ukrainian cities: Chervonohrad, Chernivtsi, Mariupol, Nikopol, and Zhytomyr.


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