International Aid: Mykolaiv City Presented Aid Monitoring Webportal

Since the beginning of the Russian full-scale invasion, Mykolaiv has received significant aid from international donors. The more aid, the more urgent became the need to coordinate and control its use.

To ensure transparency and accountability in the use of aid, Mykolaiv City Council, with the EUACI support, developed a Methodology for Monitoring Humanitarian and International Assistance in 2023. The next step was to launch the International Aid Monitoring Webportal.

The new webportal aims to become a key platform for reporting about international aid. Through the webportal, information on received aid, its allocation, and its impact on the city can be accessed.

International Aid: Mykolaiv City Presented Aid Monitoring Webportal

On 31 May, the Mykolaiv City Mayor Oleksandr Sienkevych presented the platform for the international partners. The event took place in hybryd mode in the EUACI office in Kyiv and was of high interest among the city’s partners and stakeholders.

"Mykolaiv struggles with a difficult security situation and all the challenges caused by the war. At the same time, the Mayor and his team give priority to working with the values of transparency and integrity, and has a very high level of ambition in the activities we are doing together.  When we began working with Mykolaiv in the summer of 2022, one of the first things that caught our attention was the international aid coming to the city. No one had the overview of incoming aid, and there was no systematic monitoring or distribution. Together with the City, we developed tools that made Mykolaiv the front-runner in aid management," the EUACI Head Allan Pagh Kristensen noted. 

International Aid: Mykolaiv City Presented Aid Monitoring Webportal

On the webportal, information about donors, reports on aid received, and checks on its use can be found. The platform will also contain the main news on partnerships.

"The EUACI work is very important to us. And I am very happy that those things that I thought about regarding aid monitoring are now becoming real. Now we can see how it works, and think about the future of this project, and open more and more doors for control and transparency of international assistance," Mykolaiv City Mayor Oleksandr Sienkevych summarized.

The webportal is available in Ukrainian and English: 

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