` Exhibition “Ukraine without Corruption”
Exhibition “Ukraine without Corruption”

11 December in "America house" in Kyiv exhibition “Ukraine without Corruption” will be opened, it will continue from 11 December 2018 to 26 January 2019. This project is a continuation of the dialogue started by the EU Anti-Corruption Initiative with the Corruption Park and is aimed at raising awareness about TOP-level corruption and the ways of fighting against it.

The exhibition will display major corruption schemes, as well as methods and approaches being used today around the world to fight corruption. These approaches will not only explain the mechanisms of how corruption works, but also what is being done nationally and internationally to combat it. The exhibition will feature those who are fighting corruption in Ukraine today and will offer practical tips for everyone to take a stand against corruption.

The project also includes youth voices – digital stories of personal experiences of overcoming corruption created by alumni of the U.S. Department of State’s Future Leaders Exchange Program.

Venue: America House, Mykoly Pymonenka Street, 6, Kyiv.

Entrance is free. Remember to take your passport or driver’s license.

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